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As we age so do our bodies and our teeth. Dentures are very common amongst the elderly. Some patients receive injuries to their mouth while others may have developed periodontal disease which consequently if not treated will lead to lose teeth. Regardless of the reason it can be a very traumatic time for people. When you've had your teeth for your whole life, just the thought of losing them can be a little scary. Complete dentures are removable. They consist of teeth that sit on a plastic base that resemble your gums and fit into your mouth.

Conventional dentures

The first step in complete dentures is extraction of the remaining teeth in the patient's mouth. Second, molds are made and sent to the lab so your dentures can be fabricated. After about 1-2 weeks, you will receive your conventional dentures. We can also construct Immediate dentures so that patient does not have to leave the office without teeth. When the patient comes in for a consultation, Dr. Pahlavani can explain the best options for you. 

Partial dentures

Partials are a good option for patients needing just a few teeth to be replaced. Partial Dentures are composed of gum colored base and replacement teeth on top. It serves to fill in the missing spaces or gaps where there is no longer a tooth or teeth. For patients needing just a few teeth replaced, a partial denture is a good option.

At Pahlavani Dental, we are very sensitive to patients needs and we understand some are nervous during dental procedures. We make sure to provide the best and gentle care to keep our patients relaxed and calm. 

Set an appointment to learn more about our Dentures and our affordable rates, a representative will be happy to help!

At Pahlavani Dental we offer an array of geriatric dentistry including: